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ACLS HeartCode Online Part 1 and Skills Testing
PALS HeartCode Online Part 1 and Skills Testing
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BLS and PALS HeartCode Online Part 1 and Skills Testing
BLS, ACLS and PALS HeartCode Online Part 1 and Skills Testing
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ACLS HeartCode Online Part 1
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Michele is a fantastic teacher! She made it easy and fun, and everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the class. 1-28-13
Ken is a great teacher. I thought about learning the instructor training myself, but after watching him, I think it's best left to the expert!!!  1-17-13
This is the most organized, well run advanced course in CPR I have ever attended. The presenters made a great effort to make the subject real and relevant - use of A-V was excellent! Even the classroom was very comfortable. 9-21-2012
Excellent class! I would love to do all my future certifications with these two gentlemen! I was very impressed! They were confident, clear and concise! Two exceptional instructors. Strong work! 9-21-12
I like to be hands-on, which was offered in this course! I was able to build on my foundation of medical knowledge. Very informative instructors. 9-21-12.
Made program fun, which reduced stress and led to increased results. Learned a great deal. Very engaging of class participants. Welcomed and clarified all questions. Thank you, both. 9-21-12
I give my highest praises to Ken and the manner in which he facilitated our ACLS course today. He did an awesome job preparing us. His power points and training aides were easy to follow. Most of all, his experience is an invaluable asset. He was able to take the academic principles and bring them to life for us through his experiences. I would give my highest recommendation to the continued use of  this same training company and this instructor in the future! 4-30-2012
I thought the course was great. It was well organized and presented on a level that seemed appropriate for our class.  The instructor, Ken, seemed to really engage the group and created a non-intimidating environment. 4-30-2012
Best EKG class I have been to. Never learned or don't remember learning about axis before and never paid attention to the left upper box before! The class was great! 11-15-2010
Good class. Instructor was friendly, engaging, and communicated well 11-15-2010
Glenn is an awesome instructor. I learned so much in a short amount of time, and what I did know, I was able to understand better 10-15-2010
Glenn is an expert teacher 10-15-2010
Should be a required course for all ED nurses and techs. Great information, both practical and didactic 10-15-2010
Excellent Instructor, makes class very interesting 10-15-2010
Great Instructions and Instructors. Never felt lost on what was expected 12-04-2009


Overall, very well organized and run. 12-04-2009


Friendly approachable atmosphere. Structured learning. 12-04-2009


Glenn was one of the most professional and informative adult learning instructors I have ever met. It was a great learning experience. Thanks Great work! 11-20-2009


Thanks for making BLS, ACLS, and PALS fun! Loved the hands on. 11-30-2009


Who could do a better job? Excellent, fun, great class. 11-30-2009


Instructor was excellent!   11-30-2009


He did an excellent job. His attitude really helped out the class. 11-30-2009


Fantastic Course. 2-24-2009


Excellent course and the instructors were all great! 5-22-2009


Very organized and well thought out. Plenty of time for questions. 5-22-2009


Very well organized. Good learning environment. 5-22-2009


This course moves quickly not boring. Great instructors 5-22-2009


Very efficient and conducive to learning. All instructors good. 5-22-2009


Great course. Very knowledgeable staff, made us feel comfortable. 2-6-2009


Really reinforced. Made me feel good about the sequence of events in a code situation or out in the community 11-14-2008


Excellent program They made it as painless as possible. Excellent learning program. 11-14-2008


Excellent, organized, well presented ACLS course. 11-25-2008


I think the presentation was superb!   11-25-2008


Instructor was great as always! 11-24-2008


Excellent instructor. Instructor was fun yet informative, great 11-24-2008

I was very impressed the best class I have ever attended! Excellent job! 11-18-2008


Review was clear and appropriate. Very helpful! 11-24-2008


Easily the best ACLS program I have taken in years well done. 11-22-2008


Awesome class, very useful. Instructor was very knowledgeable 11-22-2008


Excellent instructors. Instructors made this a very friendly teaching environment and were very knowledgeable. 12-12-2008